Our Story

     Montreal, Canada – It all started with our Basenji puppy, little Luna! Born into the cold winter we desperately searched to find a coat for her. Coming to the realization there wasn’t anything available that was suitable, we decided to handmake a coat for Luna ourselves. Many people would ask, ‘where’d you get the coat from?’ and would often request us to make jackets for their pets.

     Steppets was created with the foundation to create quality pet apparel with form and function in mind. We believe all pets are unique and deserve couture apparel to fit their lifestyle. From going on daily walks, playing, hiking adventures, or relaxing at home. 


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Created with your pet in mind, specific measurements ensure the intended fitment. Every pet is unique, all our coats are made to order.


Breathable materials, thoughtful design to allow your pet to move with full range of motion.

Steppets Timeline


Once upon a time… a Basenji puppy was born, little Luna. The winter has just begun, thus began our journey to find a suitable jacket for her to keep her warm during the cold Montreal winter.


A lot of effort went into searching for the perfect jacket. Unfortunately many of the jackets on the market were either too big, too small, poor quality, too expensive. The idea came, ‘why not make a jacket ourselves?’


Extensive testing, research and design to create prototypes for Luna & friends. We finally created our first work in progress coat, the Griffin Coat.


With the involvement of family and friends we continued to refine the coat. A configurator was created for the custom Griffin Coat, allowing customers to choose their materials, and input their dog’s measurements in a easy to use interface.


Continuing to build Steppets, we are currently designing the Steppets Everyday Rain Coat and planning the launch of new products in 2021. Thank you to all our supporters!