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We are a small business located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. We sell handmade custom dog coats along with accessories and other products for your companions.

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With winter just around the corner it’s good to know that our little Frenchie will be kept warm by this amazing coat. Finding a coat that will keep snug and warm is always a challenge. So to be able to have a coat custom made to his proportions was definitely the way to go.

The instructions for the measurements were very easy to follow and the end result was a perfect fitting coat on the first try. I am very pleased with the quality of the coat and the attention to detail, such as the elastic proving flexibility to the velcro, and the little bit of reflective edge rounding the backside providing nighttime visibility.

Whenever we go out for walks, we inevitably seem to get compliments on his coat. I’m always happy to share the Steppets name and let people know that it’s a local Montreal company.

Needless to say, the custom Griffin coat is highly recommended. Thank you so much for the great coat!

We received our 2 coats about a week ago. The whole experience of working with Steppets was amazing from the time we placed the order online to the time of delivery. They always communicated with us the status of the coat order. This set up the right expectations for us.

This is not a one size fits all thing. They custom make everything so that it fits nicely and looks great too. We have bought other coats for our dogs from other suppliers and we were disappointed. They have a fitting room which allows you to send your dogs measurements through the website (with instructions and pictures). Very easy to follow.

When you get the jackets the first thing you will see and feel is the quality. There is a lot of details and attention that went into making these sweaters. The cool thing about the sweaters is that there is a thin reflector around the coats which is a great safety feature when you are walking at night. We ran a test and closed the lights in a room and shone a flashlight at the pooches …

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